John Woodrum, Gustavo Gutierrez

John Woodrum, Gustavo Gutierrez

Mailing Address:
Pursuit Sportfishing
141 West 22nd Street
San Pedro, CA 90731

The Pursuit is one of the most spacious 65-foot boats you will ever fish on. Her 23-foot beam provides tons of fishing room. The Pursuit has a large galley that seats plenty of people as well as 24 bunks which are a first come first served basis, all of which are open for use on daily trips. The Pursuit departs daily at 6 a.m and returns usually between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

With a speed of 10.7 knots, the Pursuit can fish anywhere around Catalina Island, including the famous Farnsworth Bank. The Pursuit may also fish between Point Dume and Dana Point on the coastline, depending on which area is producing the best fishing. Catches may include Yellowtail, White Seabass, Barracuda, Bonito, Halibut, Sand & Calico Bass and many assorted bottom fish. The Pursuit's Captain, John Woodrum, has been fishing local waters for over 18 years. Together with his friendly and knowledgeable crew, you can always expect a 100% effort from Pursuit's great team.


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December, 2021
Ultra Limited Load Catalina Island
12-4-2021 6:00 AM
12-4-2021 6:00 PM
Ultra Limited Load Catalina Island/ Freelance. Mask required.

Charter Rates

Trip Types Season AnglersPrice
Twilight Trip 6:30pm - Midnight Year Round 75 $1,500
Prices subject to change without notice. Call the landing for exact pricing.

All charters require a 50% deposit 30 days prior to departure date.

Bait is included on all trips.

Ice chests, glass containers, and alcoholic beverages are not to be brought aboard the boats.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Licenses, Fishing Tackle, Food and Beverages, and Fish Filleting are additional on all trips unless otherwise noted.

California fishing licenses are required for all anglers 16 years of age and older when fishing California waters.

Possible fuel price increases may require that a fuel surcharge be added at the time of departure.

All prices based upon a cash payment basis. Credit payments will increase the cost by 3%.

Recent Pursuit Fish Counts
Trip Type
Trip Details
Fish Count
Full Day Trip
30 Anglers
65 California Scorpionfish, 78 Halfmoon, 7 Kelp Bass, 30 Ocean Whitefish, 150 Pacific Bonito, 1 White Seabass
Full Day Trip
29 Anglers
8 California Scorpionfish, 5 California Sheephead, 290 Ocean Whitefish, 229 Rockfish
Full Day Trip
15 Anglers
3 California Scorpionfish, 19 California Sheephead, 7 Kelp Bass, 48 Ocean Whitefish, 93 Rockfish
Full Day Trip
12 Anglers
3 California Barracuda, 1 California Sheephead, 3 Kelp Bass, 1 Lingcod, 22 Ocean Whitefish, 120 Rockfish
Full Day Trip
19 Anglers
2 California Scorpionfish, 7 California Sheephead, 1 Kelp Bass, 151 Ocean Whitefish, 8 Rockfish
Full Day Trip
25 Anglers
1 California Halibut, 9 California Scorpionfish, 8 California Sheephead, 250 Ocean Whitefish, 200 Rockfish, 32 Vermilion Rockfish
Full Day Trip
33 Anglers
25 Bocaccio, 14 California Scorpionfish, 19 California Sheephead, 330 Ocean Whitefish, 165 Rockfish
Full Day Trip
20 Anglers
8 California Scorpionfish, 15 California Sheephead, 5 Halfmoon, 4 Kelp Bass, 138 Ocean Whitefish, 30 Rockfish, 45 Kelp Bass Released
Full Day Trip
35 Anglers
2 California Barracuda, 2 California Scorpionfish, 2 California Yellowtail, 3 Kelp Bass, 15 Ocean Whitefish, 53 Rockfish
Full Day Trip
30 Anglers
1 California Barracuda, 8 California Scorpionfish, 3 California Yellowtail, 4 Kelp Bass, 10 Ocean Whitefish, 30 Rockfish