Apollo Fish Report for 6-10-2024

Tom Mato Charter

Apollo Crew (San Diego)

Big thanks to the Tom Mato group! Just wrapping up a 2-day trip with a great Springtime mix, we had to work at it but ended up with a smorgasbord of fun. Scratched out some yellowtail and white seabass, very good calico bass fishing, quality rockfish, sheephead, whitefish and even a couple of big BFT, Plenty of opportunities for everyone. Back at it tonight for a 1.5 day. Just a reminder we have a sponsored trip coming up in July with spots available. Call 22nd street landing if you’d like to fish with us, it’s the only available opportunity before we head south.

 Check out our open party schedule for Seaforth if you would like to join us in San Diego. Hope to see you on the water, the Apollo crew!