Fish Report for 7-10-2024

BFT up to 180 lbs.

Shon Roberts

Just when we think the fishing can’t get better, it keeps on surprising us this year. We finished our light load Charter with excellent opportunities on big Yellowtail, wide open big Calico Bass and an insane night time Bluefin drift where we landed 19 from 100-185 pounds as well as 11 from 40-80 pounds. We still see plenty of White Seabass around, but until we get a more favorable moon phase this insane big Yellowtail and Calico Bass fishing to go with excellent Bluefin fishing on jumbos will have to do . This next full moon should kick out some good White Seabass fishing with the volume that we still see around. We are sold out until August with a few spots available on our Calico Bass overnight specials. As well as a few 1.5 day trips in September and October. With the fishing that we have experienced the last few winters we have also added some Seabass specials from October to December as well. This year has been a banger so let’s keep the good times rolling. @22ndstreetlanding @fishworks_clothing @aftco @ownerhooks @okumafishingusa